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The purpose of this project is to promote and assist in the research on the HEAD family surname primarily in the United States. There are many HEAD researchers who don't have assess to the abundance of primary source material. The intent of this site is to be an archives and research center for those interested in HEAD genealogy. By combining the resources of more researchers, we will be able to better identify the branches of the different trees within the United States.

This site uses the "The Next Generation" (TNG) program to handle the Family Trees databases. This program provided the capability of adding family photos, tombstone pictures, scanned documents. etc. to the record of people in the family. We urge everyone to submit files, pictures, etc. (in .jpg (preferred) & .pdf file formats). Please try to limit the size of the .jpg to less than 400k bytes. A low density file can be seen just as well on the Internet as a high density file.

Access to these databases can be accomplished by clicking on the "TNG Family Trees" button at the bottom of this page. There are no passwords, etc. required to get into the material. Once the TNG search screen appears, you may either type in a name to do a search or look at any of the media buttons which contain various list of material that has been entered and connected to different persons.

Much of the basic data on this site is from the materials which John Harris Watts gathered over the past sixty years. He has been the most prolific researcher on the HEAD family in the United States over that time period. His records entail data that has been gathered from a wide variety of sources and combined into family files of the different lines which were identified. More background on John Harris Watts can be found on the Dedication page.

The use of DNA analysis has became the newest tool in identifying kinship. This site recognizes this as a primary source even though it doesn't really identify the parent. There is a DNA section on this site where more explanation is given and a chart of known HEAD analysis is shown. There appears to be approximately ten known persons with similar results. This  indicates a common ancestor who has been determined to be William HEAD, Elder, who died ca. 1710 Richmond County, Virginia. This data has been used to build an outline of his descendants,  located under "Research Tools"; the Virginia HEADs data base is setup using this data. In many instances we have no firm proof, other than the DNA results and the father and sons being in the same area at the same time.  As you can see on the DNA results chart, there are about as many persons who do not match as we have matches. There is a great need for additional persons from other lines to submit samples, so that a better picture can be made of the existing known lines or possibly identification of additional prominent lines.

When using any of the info on this site, care should be taken as errors do exist and each person has to make their own assessment of the data. There is a lot of data on the Internet and printed material that is incorrect. It is the intention of this site to try and avoid a lot of the obvious errors.  If a error is found, it is possible to to get it corrected by submitting the correct data and primary sources to substantiate the claim. We will state that using "Ancestry Family Trees" or data from such sources is not considered even a secondary source. If data is received that is deemed not adequately supported, a reply will be sent with explanation as to what is needed or why it is not accepted.

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